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"Karel can galvanize an audience in a heartbeat ... she is by turns convincingly comic, melancholy and reflective."
-Kansas City Star

"Katie Karel, whose extraordinary vocal range and distinctive tremolo set her apart... commands such attention when she begins to sing that I, for one, would probably pay to hear her perform nursery rhymes."
-Kansas City Star

"Particularly impressive is Katie Karel. . .Karel's comic timing and ways with an accent are every bit as strong as her vocal abilities."
-Fox 4 KC

"To quote Garrison Keillor, “humor has to surprise us” and Katie Karel does in spades."
       -Village News

"Her voice is mighty. . .I was really moved to tears."
-KC Studio

"Karel commands knock-em-dead brass and star power. She also has a voice that can pulverize concrete, making the musical demands of the role a walk in the park. . .

Karel is unstoppable. "

-Pitch Magazine

"Karel is a ball-breaker."

"Katie Karel plays the hard-boiled, hard-drinking serial adulterer with bold, liberated, fearlessness."
-San Diego Times

"Katie Karel brings Kerr to life as if the role was written for her to play. Bounding across every inch of the stage with such boldness and verve she inhabits the character and wins over the audience within the first few salvos. Karel wields the monolog with tenacity like that of a retriever bent on being the first to reach the game. Pausing strategically at distant intervals, her pace quickens as she peels back each layer of the story, yet

her dynamo never fades. By the show's end Karel's authenticity indeed proves that she is...well...a true performance artist."

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